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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by 32VHEMIJR, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. 32VHEMIJR

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    2005 Designer initials in different locations.

    I saw my first 2005 nickel today, and started looking on the net to see what I had. I looked through all the known varieties, and didnt notice one describing what I had.
    I saw a rendering of the nickel on here, and the "JNF" was under the rear back leg. Mine has the JNF under the forward rear leg. I did see a picture of one like this, but the rendering was different. Is this unusual?
    Also, I was wondering if it's supposed to have 2 sets of initials on the front. There is a "JF" on the jefferson's scarf, and a "DE" on his lapel.
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  3. jtwax

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    The “Liberty” inscription on the coin is based upon Jefferson’s own handwriting. The design is based on the marble bust of Jefferson by the French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon, completed in 1789. The design was made age-appropriate to his presidency by utilizing later paintings by Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale.

    The obverse design was created by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist, Joe Fitzgerald (JF), of Silver Spring, Maryland. United States Mint sculptor-engraver Don Everhart (DE) sculpted the design.

    The reverse design was created by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist, Jamie Franki, of Concord, North Carolina. United States Mint sculptor-engraver Norman E. Nemeth sculpted the design.
  4. ph34rm3

    ph34rm3 New Member

    Do you think I should collect pennies, nickels, or dimes?
  5. ph34rm3

    ph34rm3 New Member

    but it's not like i won't collect other coins such as old , U.S., and world
  6. jtwax

    jtwax Senior Member

    I would suggest that you collect anything that appeals to you. Perhaps start off collecting a few coins from each denominations. Eventually you will find your "niche".
  7. 32VHEMIJR

    32VHEMIJR New Member

    It wasnt the origin of the initials I was concerned with. Its the location. There is a computer rendering of the new nickel here on this site, and the location of the initials were in a different place than in the rendering. But Ive looked at alot of these nickels, and they all have the initials in a different place than the rendering shows.
  8. jody526

    jody526 New Member

    The "rendering" was apparently a preliminary drawing.
    I have rolls of P and D and a few proofs, and all of them have the designer's initials under the forward rear leg.

    Was the picture like this?
    Click here. (very large picture)

    That is correct.
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