Design your own legal tender coin

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by grapeape, Jan 20, 2016.

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  3. Cascade

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    I saw that and was wondering the same thing. Looks like the 3k+ raised so for is one donation at the top tier giving the donater 100 of the coins when they come out. If they really will sell on secondary for $100+ then that's a basement bargain. Plus I'm curious if the cache of being the first crowdfunding designed coin will add value in the future.

    I might do it at one of the low levels just to be a part of it and to get a coin or two unless I hear valid arguments against it :)

    Seems as though past designs do sell in the $80-125 range on the bay
  4. grapeape

    grapeape New Member

    I'm with you. I like the coins first off and looks like a great price so it doesn't look like I can go wrong, but will just come in at a lower level as well like you. Actually hope this hits its funding goal as I'd like to see other coins do this, cuts out the middle men

    HOLLYWOOD Active Member

    Google design your own coin .

    Has anyone here ever designed there own coin ?
  6. grapeape

    grapeape New Member

    Looks like the crowdfund design 2017 Predator/PRey will come out in Nov 2016... as a participant in the project I got a sneak preview in August...look nice and nice to know the collectors designed it, hoping that will ad to the interest in this coin
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