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    SELLING: Roll of 20 ASEs, all 2016. In BU condition - see picture for what you get. Only opened once to verify purchase in 2016 and then again today to snap this picture.

    Just to make this a little more fun, I'll throw in a junk half dollar of my choice for free too.

    PRICE: Spot is $26.99 now, random year ASEs are on SD Bullion site (one of the cheapest I've found) for $36.38 each for a quantity of 20.
    I'll sell these for $700 total (that's $35 each). I'll pay priority mail postage to the U.S. with signature confirmation.

    PAYMENT: Regular PayPal please, I'll cover the 3%.

    PM if you are interested or have questions. 2016 ASEs.jpg
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