WTS: December 1-3 Auctions (plus FREE Giveaway Items)

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    Good morning!

    I have one final auction this year. It's going to cover three days (December 1-3, that's starting this Friday).

    Hundreds of US and World Coins, Tokens, and Currency; over 400 US proof sets at dealer wholesale bid, 40% halves and war nickels at spot, graded and raw coins...plus one really huge "a bunch of stuff I wanted to list as one group" lot that should be a lot of fun for someone out there.

    I've chosen this first weekend in December so I can get orders paid and shipped prior to the USPS Christmas rush shipping deadline. If everything goes to plan, everything should get delivered in time for Christmas.

    TONS of new items added to these auctions, plus still more to be added this week (rolls of 40% halves and war nickels at spot, lots of large cents and type coins) - many prices lowered, plus I'm going to have a few "specials" for this auction:

    AUCTION SPECIAL #1: 15% Buyer’s Premium (normally 20%)

    AUCTION SPECIAL #2: FREE Giveaway Drawing Items including the following:

    Brand new copy of 2024 Red Book (hardback)
    1931 S Lincoln Wheat Cent (environmental damage, but still clearly legible date)
    1991 & 2001 American Silver Eagles (Uncirculated; 1 per order)
    20 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars (1 per order)
    2018 D Lincoln Shield Cent, PCGS Sample Slab (Coin X November 2019, slab #1 of 200)
    40 Full-Date Buffalo Nickels (1 per order)
    Canada 1959 $1 (80% silver) ICCS AU55

    December 1 Auction Link
    December 2 Auction Link
    December 3 Auction Link

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