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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Chip Kirkpatrick, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Chip Kirkpatrick

    Chip Kirkpatrick Well-Known Member

    Have enjoyed your posting of your recent metal detecting finds. Do you ever hunt curb strips? I get a lot of permissions to hunt 100+year old homes but the curb strips always seem to pay off well. My oldest coin, a 1718 1Reale came from a sidewalk tear out.
    Last week I hunted a 1910 house but didn’t find much until I hit the curb strip. Under a large oak tree came a 1919 wheat penny, ‘49 quarter and a ‘62 dime. Nearby was the flattened bowl of a large sterling spoon. The trial prize was a brass ring with a copper coin/ token mounted. On the top is a replica of a Mayan calendar and you can see through the ring and see a face. It has been identified as Father Hildago, the Father of Mexico. This clergyman was the leader of the Mexican Revolution.

    yesterday I hit the beach late in the afternoon. Extremely low tide and where I hunted would normally be waist deep. 10K ring with a really nice Tigers Eye.

    Today I fought the heat and searched more curb strips. Trash and more trash until I was trashed by the heat. Only a few coins but one was a 1909 Wheat that has been smacked. Was ready to go but noticed an abandoned house nearby. Forced myself to stagger over to it but after 2 bottle caps I was ready to leave. Headed towards the car but after 2 steps I got a really high signal. About an inch down down was the ‘45 Walking Liberty.

    Come down. Maybe I can lead you to some more goodies. I may not be able to find any good error coins but I can find good spots to detect
    81A20CB3-40A6-4BD8-81DC-15C1A0BF3526.jpeg 81A20CB3-40A6-4BD8-81DC-15C1A0BF3526.jpeg 989140B8-651D-4D2F-8689-C8A0BEC33B7A.jpeg B768F8D5-334C-44D1-A9BC-980F8E8EDDC8.jpeg B5E50A19-94AD-4AAB-8612-D130D5F08C25.jpeg 0C309449-9289-4ECE-9E11-23E7BDAB8B62.jpeg D8ADD0E6-63C0-4297-AA2C-8CA1C045A6BC.jpeg 42FC121D-1B0E-48D8-9C16-FF6A742863D7.jpeg BEE43F38-080A-46FA-A6D9-132B6847829A.jpeg FAC4BC01-3D24-428B-9028-B6394E6EBF2F.jpeg 64C8C37D-2764-4EB0-A031-8FBF7F5A218E.jpeg
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  3. paddyman98

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    Hey.. Thanks! :happy:

    I'm in NYC.. Not too many curb strips like what you detect. Maybe there are but I have to investigate.

    Thanks for mentioning me and you have great finds also. :watching:

    I found my 1942 Walking Liberty Half last year in the water!

    I got a bezel for it to wear..
    Message_1560597873879.jpg Message_1560597897276.jpg 20200427_083558(1).jpg
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  4. lordmarcovan

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    Curb strips in Old Town!

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  5. Chip Kirkpatrick

    Chip Kirkpatrick Well-Known Member

    this is what I wear! 1940 Irish half pound. Dug at a 200 year old mansion. 4D3E60F7-A19D-4FE5-BBEE-53352F45F309.jpeg
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  6. lordmarcovan

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    Love that photo.
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