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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by PennyGuy, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    A friend in Michigan has asked if I can provide any referrals to coin dealers in/near Riverside California to assist a member of his family there in valuing/purchasing a quantify of older silver US coinage. The quantity is significant, on the order of 250 pounds or more as I am told.

    Anyone feel comfortable enough to personally recommend a few options I can pass along?

    btw. I have not interest in this other that my friend knows I am a collector and I would like to be able to pass along a quality recommnedation.

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  3. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    I heard back from the ANA, they did a look up for dealer members in that area. There is only one ANA member dealer, who is: Towngate Coin & Jewelry Exch, Wayne J. Skiles.

    Anyone know of him, and any experiences?

  4. Witty38

    Witty38 Member

    I live in Riverside, Ca and do most of my coin purchases/sell with the owner of Riverside Stamp and Coin which has been in business since 1959. I try and do any of my transactions with Craig Roubinek, owner. His email is or telephone (951) 684 9930. Nice guy!
  5. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    Thanks for the info Witty38
  6. Gedon_Althor

    Gedon_Althor Member

    I used to live in Nuevo and was stationed at Camp Pendleton, while there I dealt a lot with Carlsbad Village Coins... they are over an hour away from Riverside, however they were always fair and treated me well. Plus, they almost always had a 5gal bucket full of wheaties you could pick for .04 each :)
    [h=1]Carlsbad Village Coin (760) 434-6601[/h] 2977 State St, Carlsbad, CA 92008
  7. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    Thank you for that recommendation.
  8. onecoinpony

    onecoinpony Member

    Charmy Harker who posts here as the Penny lady is a dealer, she is 45 mins from Riverside.
  9. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    And a top notch dealer she is. But she specializes in copper.
  10. onecoinpony

    onecoinpony Member

    PM her, I'm sure she could recommend someone in the area.
  11. Stang1968

    Stang1968 Member

    I've never sold to them or had anything appraised by them, but Bob Patchin's Coin Gallery in Orange has always been fair to me from a buyer's standpoint. 714.639.6202
  12. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    I have her phone # and will give her a call
  13. PennyGuy

    PennyGuy US and CDN Copper

    Thanks Stang
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