deal or no deal?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by b1gboy, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. b1gboy

    b1gboy Junior Member

    1. 1954 proof capitol holder
    2. 1956-58 proofs capitol holders
    3. 1960-63 proofs capitol holders
    4. 1970,86,92, proof sets
    5. 1966 sms
    6. 1972,74,76,80,81,84,85,87,90-94,96,06,08 mint sets
    7. 1999-2008 proof sets
    8. 1999-2008 silver proof sets
    9. 1976 silver 3 coin set
    10. 1982 washington half proof
    11. 1992 silver proof set
    12. 1994 us veterans 3 coin set
    13. 1983-84 olympic 3 coin sets
    14. 2004 lewis/clark coin and currency set
    15. 1986 liberty 2 coin set(ellis island)x2
    16. 1987 constitution unc and proof
    17. 1988 olympic proof
    18. 1989 congress 2 coin proof set
    19. 1990 eisenhower unc
    20. 1991 constitution proof
    21. 1991 korean war unc
    22. 1992 200th whitehouse anniv. unc
    23. 1992 columbus quincentenary unc
    24. 1992 olympic unc
    25. 1993 thomas jefferson proof
    26. 1995 civil war 2 coin set unc
    27. 1995 special olympics proof
    28. 1996 olympics proof
    29. 1997 botanical gardens unc
    30. 1997 jackie robinson unc
    31. 1999 dolly madison unc
    32. 2000 lib of congress unc
    33. 2000 lief erickson proof and unc
    34. 2001 capitol visitors cen unc
    35. 2002 olympic proof and unc
    36. 2002 west point proof and unc
    37. 2003 first flight proof and unc dollar
    38. 2003 first flight proof and unc half dollar
    39. 2004 thomas edison proof and unc
    40. 2004 lewis/clark proof and unc
    41. 2005 chief justice marshall proof and unc
    42. 2005 marine corps proof and unc
    43. 2006 san fran old mint proof and unc
    44. 2006 ben franklin scientist proof and unc
    45. 2006 ben franklin founding father proof and unc
    46. 2007 little rock high proof and unc
    47. 2007 jamestown proof
    48. 2009 louis braille proof
    49. 2009 lincoln proof
    Is all this worth the $3000. i paid. I was told that if you can buy at redbook or below its a good deal. This way below redbook.What do you guys think deal or no deal?

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  3. Numismatist47

    Numismatist47 New Member

    First off, Red Book is a great source of numismatics information about coins. Their prices; however, are about 20% higher than FMV.
  4. Numismatist47

    Numismatist47 New Member

    My HO, I don't see $3000 worth of coins, sets, and commems in your list.
  5. panda

    panda Junior Member

    i agree with the above. although i didn't personally tally everything up...

    what was red book price?
  6. Numismatist47

    Numismatist47 New Member

    I didn't tally it up either, I scanned through his list and the majority of what he bought is UNC. Also the 2009 Lincoln proof, there were 4 reverse designed last year so which one did he get, all 4, or L1, L2, L3, or L4 and those are only valued at $1 - $2.25 for PR.

    But the OPs entire list doesn't look like $3000 worth of coins.
  7. abe

    abe LaminatedLincolnCollector

    I've bought a coin or two in my days that I had no idea what they were worth, but they were 10 bucks or so. Why did you spend $3000 on something you were not sure of the value? Thats probably the price the seller overpaid for when he/she bought them...
  8. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    The 1990 Eisenhower Dollar might be worth $3,000 if it is genuine because production of Ike Dollars ceased after 1978.
  9. NotSure

    NotSure I'm sure I'm NotSure

    Perhaps it's 1990-W Ike commemorative dollar????? ;)

    I agree with the consensus...not $3,000 worth of coins there...perhaps if the list was doubled.....

    I agree with Abe when he says:

    "Why did you spend $3,000 on something you were not sure of the value?"
  10. Numismatist47

    Numismatist47 New Member

    I think he meant that for the 1990 Ike Commem.
  11. NotSure

    NotSure I'm sure I'm NotSure

    In direct response to the 'deal or no deal' question...NO DEAL
  12. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    My bad.

    Still there is nowhere near $3,000 worth of coins listed. I bet you could buy the same coins from Littleton for less than $3,000. (OK, maybe not.)
  13. Numismatist47

    Numismatist47 New Member

    You can actually attend a local coin show, and get some deals on a lot of what's in his list and still pay no where near $3k.
  14. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    On EBAY some of the Coins will sell high.. The Jakie Robinson and 2000 lief erickson proof and unc.
    On most others with PF and MS Comms your $25 and up.. on Ebay..
    I know I would like a few of them.. not for 3K.. But a great Modern Comm Collection to start with..
  15. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    I think you need to do some research. I think if you were to go to a dealer site and price what a dealer is selling them for then you can decide for yourself without the other opinions. I did some rough checking on NFC coins and I did some of the proof sets, 1999-08 proof sets and silver proof sets and it was around $1200. Yes - you might have saved some money at a show, but I think with some quick research by you breaking out each set will be more informative for you and maybe us. Did you get a break out cost by set or just a total? If not still do the research and get a total. I would like to see the results and where you got the price for each set from. The 1999 Silver Proof Set is $300 on NFC coins - a dealer I use. The 1954 to 1958(minues 1955) is $243 on their site.

    As mentioned you still have a heck of a good start on a modern collection. Enjoy them. Just my humble opinion.
  16. b1gboy

    b1gboy Junior Member

    the red book price per coin totaled $4692.00,the greysheet bid price per coin totaled $3030.00, I thought 3000 was a fair price paid as it was below dealer to dealer asking price.Most of the commems I'll keep the other stuff goes!
  17. Numismatist47

    Numismatist47 New Member

    I think you could have done a lot better on price for that entire lot. I don't see anything unusually exceptional, or rare in your list, and certainly not worth 3 grand. But that's my opinion.

    Just a good rule of thumb: Before making a large purchase such as this, do some research and homework on the coins in the lot before hand, and get the advice of a local dealer you know and trust as they have a wealth of knowledge that is beneficial to you. The fact you're having doubts about your purchase leads one to think you believe you over paid. Maybe you did. But if you're happy with what you have in the lot, then maybe you didn't.

    Coin values always have been, and always will be, only what someone is willing to pay for them regardless of a TPG slab encasing the coin, or it being in a 2x2 flip. It all comes down to what the coins are worth to YOU the buyer.
  18. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage

    Was there both an 83 and an 84 gold Olympic coins? Constitution Gold coin and SF gold coin? Did you get the gold coins?
  19. b1gboy

    b1gboy Junior Member

    not having doubts just wondered if it was a deal. I wanted the commems for a while and got most in this lot.I'm not sure where you guys live but around here at the dealers i couldn't have bought this lot for less than 4 grand.(i did check before i bought)Also there was only one set with gold it was the smithsonian.
  20. b1gboy

    b1gboy Junior Member

    the 1999-2008 silver and reg proof sets at local dealer were almost $950.00.the smithsonian was 395.00 and the lewis and clark c and c set was 125.00.thats half the value in just those sets alone.I've looked online at many sites and can't find any site much cheaper so if you have a dealer that sells you coins cheaper than bid on greysheet PLEASE GIVE ME HIS NUMBER! I'll do tons of business with them.
  21. jonthecoinjunky

    jonthecoinjunky Junior Member

    My first response is too always do your research prior to any major purchase. I am not quick to say 'no deal' due to the fact that if these coins were carefully selected and if sent in could come back in MS 70 condition (on the commems), it might be worth it.

    There are some better coins in this collection. The 1999 silver proof set is a better set. The 1999 silver Delaware quarter in MS 70 certified can fetch an upwards of $3000. Is his in ms 70? Probably not. But without seeing all coins present in the collection determining an honest value is difficult.

    Of the early proof sets would any of the coins qualify as 'cam' or 'deep cam' especially on the Franklins? There are many avid cameo Franklin collectors that would flip over a nice cameo or deep cameo half.

    If you have any photos of the coins, I would be willing to take a look at them.
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