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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by ddddd, May 28, 2020.

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    As someone that likes unusual and oddball slabs, I've kicked around the idea of making my own. Recently that idea came to fruition and the slab that you see below was the result.

    In case anyone ever comes along and wonders what these rare and mysterious holders are, now you will know. :D

    The holder is a Lighthouse Everslab and each contains a toned John Adams Presidential Dollar.

    The front features the Chicago skyline, the word sample (most important part of the sample slab! :p), and u1toning IG (that's me on Instagram).

    The back features a scene from the World's Columbian Exposition (Administration Building), ddddd CoinTalk (that's me again on here), Pres$1 (for Presidential Dollar), and a cert number.

    These were limited to 10 total (the placement of the 1 in the cert number tells you which number it is, with 1000000000 representing #1 and 0000000001 representing #10). Sample Slab #9 featured an off-center obverse label error (it wasn't intentional, so it is an error :p).

    A few similar slabs have been made without the word sample and with only a label on one side (so far 3 total). There is one world coin sample (slightly different design) and one custom slab (not a sample). Five slabs are not yet complete (as of this posting); they will not contain the word sample.

    Pictured here is sample slab #4:
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    The similar slabs referenced above but without the word sample look either like the one below or with the ddddd and CoinTalk nomenclature on the front.
    Note: the Presidential Dollar is now reverse facing forward (as opposed to obverse forward for the samples).

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