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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by ddddd, Aug 12, 2022.

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    Finally a very difficult spot is filled! Turkmenistan has been a big challenge. A design I liked popped up on eBay earlier this month and I pulled the (expensive) trigger. The coin celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence with Oguz Khan riding a horse on the obverse (the letters TMB below stand for "Türkmenistanyň Merkezi Banky" - their central bank) and the State Emblem on the reverse. At just 300 examples, this becomes the lowest mintage coin in my set.

    The Legend of Oguz Khan is an interesting read, and you can find it summarized in the Wikipedia link below:

    Country Turkmenistan
    Denomination 20 Manat
    Year 2011
    Subject 20th Anniversary of Independence
    Composition Silver
    Weight (gr) 8.11
    Diameter (mm) 22
    Mintage 300
    Mint Royal Mint (UK)

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    @brg5658 here's another horse...I'm starting to follow your lead. :D
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    Here is the COA I found from another seller (didn't come with my coin)

    239468511 (info).jpg
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