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    Another new addition-this from Estonia. It is one of the last coins made before Estonia switched over to the Euro in 2011.

    The COA has a good description that I'm including below:

    The 25-Kroon collector coin resembles an ethnographic spoke coin. It was believed to be a lucky coin and a talisman that attracts wealth and success, and to protect its owner from misfortune. It was thought that if the eight-heeled star revolves clockwise, it fortifies the life circle, and if counter–clockwise, then creative powers.

    Folk medicine uses the eight-heeled star to cure diseases and fend off evil forces. The eight-heeled star is a symbol connecting the Heaven and the Earth that allows access to the unearthly light, wisdom and chaste values. On the obverse of the collector coin, in the heart of the eight-heeled star, there is the national coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia. Around it, clockwise fly the soul birds of our ancestors, symbolizing the Heaven, and counter-clockwise stroll the daughters of the Mother of the Sward, symbolizing the Earth.

    Midsummer night, June 23, is one of the most ancient festivals for Estonians and it has been celebrated every year regardless of the times. In Midsummer Night people look for the mystic Fern Blossom, which, as the legend goes, blooms for just a moment and brings its founder utmost wealth, health and wisdom. The reverse of the collector coin depicts the Fern Blossom growing in a dip of our ancestors' sacrificial rock.

    Country Estonia
    Denomination 25 krooni
    Year 2010
    Subject History of Estonia
    Composition Silver 0.999
    Weight (gr) 24.1
    Diameter (mm) 38.61
    Mintage 15,000
    Mint Mint of Finland
    Designer Kärt Summatavet

    IMG_8049.JPG IMG_8050.JPG 188360169.jpg
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    Wow. That is a great deal of history and beautiful coin. Congratulations.
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    Another very cool coin! :cool:
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    cool design, first time I've seen a coin from Estonia!
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