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    And now for another installment in my quest to complete a set of silver coins from all the former Soviet nations. This is the Bullfinch from Belarus.

    Here is a quick summary from a booklet about the coin (full text pictured at the end):

    In Belarusian folklore, the bullfinch is a small, modest, and originally grey bird. He is a Prometheus figure who brings fire to Earth. However, what sets him apart is that he does not steal the fire; instead he carries out the order of God. No others animals were able to do the task but the bullfinch persevered. He endured the pain while completing his mission. His neck and breast remained red as a reminder of the heroic deed.

    Country Belarus
    Denomination 20 Roubles
    Year 2014
    Subject The Legend of the Bullfinch
    Composition Silver 0.925
    Weight (gr) 33.62
    Diameter (mm) 38.61
    Mintage 2,000
    Mint Lithuanian Mint

    1044635-1.jpg 1044635-2.jpg 59095203.jpg BY314CM1_2.jpg
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    Really like the design, thanks for sharing!
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