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    Some might recall the coin from the thread linked below filling the spot for Armenia. As circumstances would have it, there was someone who really liked that one, so I sold it to them. I couldn't leave the spot unfilled, so a replacement was found. This one is technically even rarer with a sixth of the mintage of the prior example!

    From the mint's writeup: "Armenia is the oldest place for viticulture. According to the Bible, Noah, having descended from the mountain Ararat, planted the first vine, thus giving a start to winegrowing in Armenia. There are more than 200 old and new high quality sorts of grapes. Most of these sorts are local and are used for both a table use and production of wine and cognac."

    The coin is fairly simple but the grape design was very appealing to me. The side with the Armenian seal also features an ornate background with alternating grape bunches and leaves.

    Country Armenia
    Denomination 1000 Dram
    Year 2007
    Subject Flora and Fauna of Armenia
    Composition Silver 0.925
    Weight (gr) 33.6
    Diameter (mm) 40
    Mintage 500
    Mint Czech Mint

    Link to all coins on national bank website:

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