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    Another outlier (or as I like to say, "add-on") to the set, here we have Mongolia. While not a Soviet republic, the country was a satellite state from 1924 through 1990.

    The coin seems relatively simple-the emblem of the bank of Mongolia is on one side and a snow leopard is on the other side. What sets it apart is the niobium component; the coin is mainly silver but the leopard is in niobium. And you can see the outline of the leopard coming though on the reverse. While Austria had already released a bimetallic silver and niobium coin in 2003 (followed by two more in 2004, one of them being minted for Latvia), this was the first (and to this day only) oval niobium coin. It's also unique in that the niobium isn't a circular ring; it is the actual leopard.

    Country Mongolia
    Denomination 500 Togrog
    Year 2005
    Subject Endangered Wildlife
    Composition Silver 0.925 & Niobium
    Weight (gr) 25
    Diameter (mm) 30 x 45 (it's an oval)
    Mintage 5,000
    Mint CIT, Liechtenstein (most likely-can't find exact confirmation)

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    I'll have to update the composite thread as this coin replaced the one below (that one was gifted):

    Country Mongolia
    Denomination 500 Togrog
    Year 2021
    Subject Wild Mongolia
    Composition Silver 0.925
    Weight (gr) 31.1
    Diameter (mm) 38.61
    Mintage 2,500
    Mint CIT (Liechtenstein) & B.H Meyer Mint (Munich)
    Grade PCGS PR 69 DCAM

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