Dbl Ear 2008 James Monroe President Dollar

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by jeffgelman, May 4, 2009.

  1. jeffgelman

    jeffgelman Poco Zocko

    I found a few of this 2008 James Monroe President Dollar Mint Out of the Roll with a what looks to be a Die Crack that looks like a Double Ear I belive all 5 that I have look alike. Mr Ken Potter looked at one and was in agreement with me. Do you belive it is worth more then face value? :whistle:

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  3. jaceravone

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    Like with all varieties......some will find them interesting and others will not. Those that find them interesting will certainly pay more and those that do not, well you get the point. I am sure to somebody, this coin may be worth a few more dollars. And if it becomes a major variety then it will definitely be worth a few extra dollars. Good luck, keep us all posted if you get it in Coin World.
  4. 50cent

    50cent What A steal

    thats does look like it's double ear and i think it is double ear
  5. jeffgelman

    jeffgelman Poco Zocko

    20170330_175020.jpg 20170330_175020.jpg 8 20170330_175044.jpg
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