WTT: Dansco #7172 Silver Dollar album wantlist- WTT for stuff I need

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    This album is a casual sideline project I recently started. I figure I'll play with it a little while and then pass it on down the line to whomever wants to complete it, later.

    Click the link to see the progress of this Dansco #7172 album, and what I need for it. You should also be able to get a general idea of the specific look I'm after in the Morgans (there's an example pictured below).

    Here's what I want for the album:
    • Morgan dollars: original, problem-free F-VF coins with contrasting grey toning.
    • Peace dollars: original, problem-free F-XF coins with original grey toning- some contrast between the devices and fields is preferable.
    • Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony dollars: BU examples of the dates I lack, in silver where possible.
    I want common-date coins as much as possible, since this is just a "one-a-year" date set (not a date-and-mintmark set). Just humble but wholesome circulated coins. Coins with the "CircCam" (circulated cameo) appearance.

    My money situation fluctuates- sometimes I've got coin money to blow, and sometimes I'm cash-broke, but I've almost always got swapstock. But I'm willing to buy, too, when there's money in my PayPal account. Just let me know what you have.

    Here's the specific look I'm after in the Morgans:
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