Dacia Countermark (ΔAK) on Trajan Balanea-Claudia Leucas AE

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    Just got a new countermark for my slowly expanding collection - related, somehow, to Trajan's Dacian Wars. This is a bit mysterious as the Dacian reference was already in the host coin's titles. Suggestions by Seyrig that this was a money-raising scheme is below.

    The host coin is from Balanea-Claudia Leucas, Syria and is dated - 102/103 A.D. which I believe is towards the end of Trajan's first Dacian War. But the connection is probably indirect, if only because Balanea-Claudia Leucas, Syria is pretty far away from Dacia.

    This is a fairly abundant countermark - I found a dozen or so in an acsearch. Howgego notes 43 examples. In fact, finding the host coin without the countermark seems to be a bit more difficult. All of the examples I saw have the countermark on the obverse, careful not to damage the bust (the neck got whacked on one I saw, but never the face).

    The FORVM member "Automan" has a really spectacular version of this coin, with the notes from his example included in my attribution. I wish he would join CT - his countermark collection is astounding.


    CM - DAK on Leucas ad Trajan lot May 2020 (0).jpg

    Trajan Æ 20
    Leucas Yr. 55 (102/103 A.D.)
    Syria, Seleucis and Pieria.
    Balanea-Claudia Leucas.

    [AY KAI NER] TR[AIANOC CEB DA], laureate head right / [LEY]KAD[IWN KLAYDIAWN]
    Emperor/ male deity, in quadriga right, E[N] in upper field.
    RPC III 3812; SNG Cop. 306.
    (6.64 grams / 20 mm)


    ΔAK in 8 x 4 mm rectangle Howgego 529 (43 pcs).

    "The CM (ΔAK) refers to Trajan's title "Dacicus". Interestingly, the title is already present on the coin. It has therefore been suggested by H. Seyrig that its application was a means for raising money for a gift for the emperor."
    FORVM Automan Collection
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    A nice countermark, Mike.
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