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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Steve66, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. Steve66

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    Since I've had a little more time on my hands, I have decided to work on a project I started about a year ago.

    It's sort of a cross between a history and a birth year project. My objective was to start with a coin from my birth year (1966) and to go backward (with dated coins) in increments of 100. (i.e. 1966, 1866, 1766, etc.).

    I managed to go back 500 years, and had to stop with 1566. I know there are dated 1466 coins, but they are hard to find, and way out of my price range for this project. The coins I have purchased are not expensive, and not top grade. Most of them were under $10 each. I didn't choose any of these coins for any particular reason. I chose coins that were affordable, and that I thought would look good for this project.

    The second part of my project is to build a framed plaque to display these coins. I am still working on the plaque (insert), and have just applied the first coat of poly to the frame.

    The Coins:

    1566 Hungary, 1 Denar

    IMG_8559.JPG IMG_8563.JPG

    1666 Austria, 3 kreuzer

    IMG_8565.jpg IMG_8575.JPG

    1766 Spain, 1 Real

    IMG_8579.JPG IMG_8587.JPG

    1866 Belgium, 1 Franc

    IMG_8591.JPG IMG_8595.JPG

    1966 Netherlands, 1 Gulden

    IMG_8621 - Copy.JPG IMG_8627 - Copy.JPG

    I will post more pics when I complete the project.
    Feel free to share your recent projects.

    Stay Safe everyone !!!
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  3. Steve66

    Steve66 Coin People

    The frame so far... work in progress

  4. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Very nice
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  5. FarmerBill

    FarmerBill Member

    Neat idea but kind of a small collection. Why don't you fill in the 50 year coins? You could find a super 2016 and have your first coin going forward.
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  6. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    Great idea. I someday will want to do that idea starting with my birth year 1961 and going backwards. That frame is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the coins in the frame when it's done.
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