counterfit? or authentic...? Million dollar question, 1944 steelie :D

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by some-willie.willieWANT, Dec 10, 2017.


real or fake?

  1. counterfeit

  2. authentic

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  1. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    so first of all, yes it sticks to a magnet, and it looks like a shiny 43 would, except the reverse, which has me speechless.
    ive stared at it for a good few hours threw a loupe, and a microscope... it is in my words amazing, if it is a fake, i dont know how such a fake could be made so good,but lets hope im not going to find that out!

    1512805164126.jpg 1512805109496.jpg 1512805252237.jpg
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  3. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

  4. Garlicus

    Garlicus Debt is dumb, cash is king.

    The rim above E PLURIBUS UNUM has me thinking it is a cast coin.
    The "doubling" of E PLURIBUS UNUM sure is interesting.
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  5. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I'm afraid that's actually not a very good fake at all. That kind of doubling is really common on modern counterfeits.

    Welcome to CoinTalk!
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  6. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER


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  7. Muzyck

    Muzyck I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a biscuit today.

    Incredibly bad fake.
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  8. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    Agree, fake. the font, engraving, all is way off.
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  9. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    If it came from Croatia or somewhere, there is a 0% chance it is real.
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  10. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    My buddy actually found this in his pocket change
  11. Alexander Sanchez

    Alexander Sanchez Active Member

    Get it examined send it in to ANACS its like 9 dollars plus shipping.
  12. old49er

    old49er Well-Known Member

    As mentioned above, bad fake
  13. JCro57

    JCro57 Making Errors Great Again

    You Can buy these on
  14. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I dont have the coin anymore, my buddy might still have it and for 9 dollars and shipping that's not bad, even if it's fake it is worth peace of mind lol
  15. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I see all kinds of fake coins on wish but never this one, is there a link I could check out??
  16. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Counterfeit coin. The 'finning' on the rim is casting slag as noted by another member. Doubling like that has never been reported for that date for a DDR. And although it could be your picture, the wheat stalks are to far away from the rim. I wouldn't worry about tracking down the coin unless you are a collector of counterfeit coinage. It's a fake only worth what you'll pay for it.
  17. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    Nope not a fan or collector of counterfeit coins, only have one In my collection and that's cause my mom found it in a coinstar
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  18. some-willie.willieWANT

    some-willie.willieWANT Active Member

    I should definitely research counterfeits though so I can identify them better
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  19. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Check out Henning nickels. Interesting story and they can be found in circulation. Takes a little luck of course.
  20. TheFinn

    TheFinn Well-Known Member

    Looks overstruck on a '43.
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