Could it be a real Morgan?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by MaxG, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. MaxG

    MaxG Member

    Some advice would be helpful. Looks way too shiny mirror to me. but then again im not sure if thats how a DMPL looks like

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  3. JAY-AR

    JAY-AR Well-Known Member

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  4. abuckmaster147

    abuckmaster147 Well-Known Member

    Wow I should have brought my sun glasses, ;) I can see why you ask?
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  5. SchwaVB57

    SchwaVB57 Well-Known Member

    Polished. Was probably in a belt buckle at one time.
  6. JAY-AR

    JAY-AR Well-Known Member

    Sorry Max, I hit send before I splained, It looks polished or dipped to me, but looks real. What does the reverse like? The same? If you have a look around the stars you can see where it looks dull and around the letters too. This is just my opinion. could have been dipped....
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  7. abuckmaster147

    abuckmaster147 Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't dip take the shine off and leave a white appearance? The reason I ask is every time I have dipped a silver that is what happens,:oops::(
  8. MaxG

    MaxG Member

    Yes it looks the same on back side. I'm guessing the value of it is gone now if someone had polished it. Thanks for the info!
  9. mynamespat

    mynamespat Dingus

    The coin is destroyed, but find whoever did that and put them to work detailing cars. They could be making good money doing that kind of work on mercedes and beamers. ;)
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  10. Insider

    Insider Talent on loan from...

    SchwaVB57, posted: "Polished. Was probably in a belt buckle at one time."

    Just curious, this "belt buckle thing" is based on what? Do you see evidence of mounting?
  11. SuperDave

    SuperDave Free the Cartwheels!

    That is about as heavily buffed as I've ever seen it done. Wowser. :)

    I'd keep it for a shaving mirror. :)
  12. SchwaVB57

    SchwaVB57 Well-Known Member

  13. hcmusicguy

    hcmusicguy Member

    Put that thing in your pocket and wear it down for a few years. That should un-polish it fairly effectively.
  14. Cascade

    Cascade The Blind VAMmer

    Yup. Super polished. I have one very similar. They can fool very green beginners thinking it might be one of those PL coin they've heard about.
  15. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    My first thought was polished also. But maybe this was plated over, like those 1943 replated pennies.
  16. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    How about a pic of the reverse?
  17. Insider

    Insider Talent on loan from...

    :rolleyes: How about a picture of the edge also while you are at it. :facepalm::hilarious: :hilarious::hilarious: I like to look at pictures. :D
  18. Most definitely polished.
  19. Morgandude11

    Morgandude11 As long as it's Silver, I'm listening

    It is a genuine 1921 Morgan (common in all mint marks), but OMG-- I have never seen a coin that heavily polished. It almost looks like it had a coating sprayed on. Coin absolutely totaled
  20. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Variety Collector

    If shipped wrecked on a desert isle you could signal a plane with that thing!:stop:
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