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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Insider, Feb 17, 2020.

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    "desertgem, posted: "Insider popping in reminded me to look up ICG volume deal for same DD, but FUN expired and no volume deal on errors varieties mentioned. Come on insider get a special label for us!"

    OK here is the deal...

    We have a new submission form. At the lower left under Tier of Service is:

    Other (Approval Code_________________). Members of CT and Mods can send in US coins & errors for $10 each valued up to $3000. Foreign coins are $15. To get this deal you need to put Coin Talk and your "handle." in the blank.

    Example: CT Insider

    PS Add "Skip please call" and I'll discuss your coins before they are shipped.
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    This reminds me that I've been remiss about reporting my first ICG submission. I may turn it into a GTG at some point, but the highlights:
    • I got my submission in on the last day of the previous promotion, 12/31. I expected results sometime in February, given the sub-Economy price offer. I had my results in email barely three weeks later, and the coins in hand just a couple of days after that.
    • ICG corrected a couple of errors on my submission form :oops: with nary a snide comment.
    • The grades were generally in line with my expectations, which was encouraging; there were a couple of small surprises, which I'm viewing as a learning opportunity. In particular, I was 100% right on which coins would get Details.
    • The slabs and labels are all flawless as far as I can tell.
    I'm very likely to be a repeat customer. This is a great way to check my grading skills and to authenticate coins that might otherwise be hard to trust. I also now have some gold that will be easier to sell, and at a substantially higher price than I could've gotten raw.

    Thanks again, Skip!
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