Constantius Gallus - FEL TEMP - Horseman - Trier

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by maridvnvm, Dec 11, 2021.

  1. Curtis

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    It really does have the appearance of a Trier, including the style of the soldier & horseman.

    One thing I notice comparing yours to @maridvnvm 's and Doug's above, and those on "helvetica's FEL TEMPs," the reverse figures on Trier look very stiff (even for the later, smaller module ones). They just don't look like they're in the midst of great exertion during a battle.

    More like the soldier is showing the fallen horseman how interesting his spear is, or possibly planning to prod him (or the horse) a bit with the tip.

    And the horseman is just casually waving him off, "No thank you, not right now." (Or possibly, "Yes, keep poking my horse's rear like that so maybe he'll stop scratching his head on the ground.")
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  3. seth77

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    "Thank you, I hate it."
  4. Orange Julius

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    @7Calbrey in case you weren’t sure, I think yours is Antioch mint with maybe an ANB mint mark. How do I know? I bought your coin’s emperor cousin recently! Check it out… I combined your photos too.
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  5. dougsmit

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    I'll pass on the dispute as to which is more rare but I am a giant fan of Amiens mint coins of this type. Condition not withstanding, my Amiens Gallus is my favorite FH coin. This is part style, part the clash and part the fact that there are rather few people who would not prefer a perfect Antioch. I might warn that there are Antioch coins from the second officina marked ANB that some people might confuse with Amiens coins. The difference between M and N is not as clear as we might like but there can be no mistaking the style of the mints. Gotta love that banded mullet!
    rx6328bb2807.jpg rx7175bb3070.jpg

    Constantius II Antioch ANB
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