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    I just added this beautiful AE2 coin to my Constantinian page.
    Constantius Gallus, 351-354
    Large. 23 mm.
    FEL TEMP REPARATIO, solider spearing fallen horseman
    Γ in field left. ANS in exergue
    RIC VIII Antioch 134 Photo is RIC--this one is preferable
    Two minor die breaks at 9:00 and the back of the head.
    Virtually no wear. Look at the relief on the ear and the details on the horseman!
    Perfect centering. The large original FTR size (many examples are of later reduced size) Lovely surfaces of a type common on coins from Antioch. [$37 + $3 shipping in the US]
    Please compare with examples on vcoins, most of which are smaller size and none of which excel this coin, even those above $100!

    I also reduced prices on most of the other coins from Constantine to Jovian (RIC VII and RIC VIII pieces). There are some special coins on that page and if you care at all about late Roman coins, it is worth a new look.


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