Constantine I Sol Civil War Issue From Lyons

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    This coin is not listed in RIC or Bastien's Le Monnayage de L'Atelier de Lyon...I know of at least one other example though. It should come after RIC VII Lyons 54. This coin was probably struck during the 1st civil war between Constantine and Licinius, or at least during the lead up to it, as this series is not known for Licinius. The special martial bust might also indicate it was struck during the war. Because of the scarcity, it also seems probable this was one of the later coins struck before the temporary mint closure in 316—so, probably minted during the hostilities. The mint opened back up in A.D. 318/9. This series is also the last appearance of Sol on Lyons coinage.


    Constantine I
    A.D. 316
    16x17mm 3.6g
    CONSTANTINVS P AVG; laureate and cuirassed bust right with spear over right shoulder and shield on left.
    SOLI INVICTO COMITI; Sol rad., raising r. hand, globe in l.; stg. l., chlamys across l. shoulder; across fields A- S.
    in ex. PLG
    RIC VII Lyons -; Bastien --
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  3. DiomedesofArgos

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  4. otlichnik

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    Fascinating bust with the spear but not helmet or shield.

    Lovely coin.

  5. Caesar_Augustus

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    Constantine the Great
    AE Follis
    315 - 316 A.D., Lugdunum Mint, 1st Officina
    2.78g, 20.5mm, 12H

    Bust of Constantine I, laureate, cuirassed, right

    Sol, radiate, standing left, chlamys draped across left shoulder, raising right hand and holding globe in left hand

    Exergue: TF/✱//PLG

    Provenance: Ex. FSR Bargain Bin 2019

    Reference: RIC VII Lugdunum 34
  6. Mat

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    Never seen that type before, great coin, Victor.
  7. Victor_Clark

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    Yes, that is the other example that I have seen.
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  8. Gavin Richardson

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    Interesting coin and suggestion. That example in NOT IN RIC is a bargain at five euros.

    Once again Lyon comes through with an interesting and unusual take on the Sol Invictus coinage.
  9. Caesar_Augustus

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    I always thought Lyon's depictions of Constantine were rather... unique.
  10. gsimonel

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    These are both in RIC, but they date from before the closing of the mint:
    Lugdunum (Lyons) mint, A.D. 314-315
    RIC 12
    Rev: MARTI CON-SERVATORI - Helmeted soldier in military dress holding reverse spear, resting hand on shield
    PLG in exergue; T in left field, F in right
    20 mm, 3.4 g.

    Lugdunum mint, A.D. 315-316
    RIC 34
    Rev: SOLI INVIC-TO COMITI - Sol raising right hand, globe in left
    PLG in exergue; TF in left field, star in right
    19 mm, 3.0 g.
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