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    My System-X Copy Stand Coin Photo System has been very popular, and I have sold quite a few since introducing them about 18 months ago, including several in the "X2" configuration shown below. For reference, System-X is shown on my website here:


    System-X includes a fine-focus stage for imaging details at higher magnification. However, less than half the folks who have purchased systems from me have been interested in shooting details, and the fine-focus stage is overkill for shooting full coins. To lower the cost and speed focusing of full coins, I created System-X2 as shown below, eliminating the fine-focus stage and adding a focusing rail to the bellows. This reduces the cost of the system and makes it a little easier to use for full-coin imaging. The fine focus stage can be added later if the user decides to do details shots.

    The system below includes a black surface treatment and one of my "patented" lens-mounted diffusers, with the one shown optimized for slabbed halves. I can optimize the diffuser for any size of slabbed coin, or for raw coins.

    The System-X2 as shown below is $575 plus shipping.

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