WTS: Compact Copy Stand Coin Photo System - $595

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    Edited to add: I have added System-X to my webpage, along with some more explanations and details. See it here:


    Last year I introduced my System-9 Copy Stand coin photo system, and it turned out to be my most popular so far. Based on many inputs from folks I have created a new, more compact but still very flexible and capable "System-X". This new system is configurable for the full range of coin sizes, variety detail shots down to mintmark or smaller, full slabs, and medium-sized medals. I used a laminated wood base rather than the composite material of System-9, reducing system cost. This new system is also compact enough to ship in a Large Flat Rate box so is overall more economical. Here is what System-X looks like, configured for full coin imaging:


    Best thing is this system is considerably cheaper than System-9. The full coin imaging configuration shown above, including Copy Stand, Bellows, Lens, Lights, and Camera is $595.
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