WTS: Commemorative 2 Euro Coins (all UNC)

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    Current exchange rate at time of posting is $1.22 per Euro (meaning each coin has a face value of $2.44.)

    I am asking THREE DOLLARS per coin for the common dates and $4/coin for the lower mintage pieces.

    That’s barely above face value/exchange rate.

    Bulk Deal: After a couple lovely CoinTalkers here purchased a large group of them, there are now a total of 69 coins available - I will sell the entire remaining group for a discounted price of $210 shipped.

    Mintages were taken mostly from the Fleur-de-Coin website, with missing dates filled in via the NGC World Coin Price Guide.

    I will do my best to edit the ad as coins sell.

    Countries/Dates/Themes Available:

    2016 (National Bank - mintage 16m) (3 available; $3/coin)

    2012 (10 Years Euro - mintage 6m) (12 available; $3/coin)

    2012 (10 Years Euro - mintage 1m) (2 available; $3/coin)

    2015 (EU Flag - mintage 489k) (6 available; $4/coin)

    2012 D (Neuschwanstein Castle - mintage 6.3m) (10 available; $3/coin)
    2015 D (EU Flag - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)
    2015 F (EU Flag - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)
    2015 G (EU Flag - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)
    2015 J (EU Flag - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)
    2016 D (Zwinger Palace in Dresden - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)
    2016 G (Zwinger Palace in Dresden - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)
    2016 J (Zwinger Palace in Dresden - mintage 6m) (1 available; $3/coin)

    2015 (150th Anniversary Portuguese Red Cross - mintage 500k) (6 available; $4/coin)

    2012 (10 Years Euro - mintage 1m) (11 available; $3/coin)

    2012 (10 Years Euro - mintage 4m) (12 available; $3/coin)

    Payment: PayPal only. I do not have Venmo/Zello/Bitcoin or any other form of digital payment at this time. Please add 3% for PPGS, and no notes if using PPFF, please. (Thank you.) If you choose to use PPFF, please make sure to send me your shipping address here as it won't automatically load with your payment, and NO NOTES (thank you.)

    Shipping: I will charge you what it costs me for the USPS label rounded up to the nearest dollar. For First Class (under 1 pound total weight) that is usually $4, for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box it will be $8, USPS Priority Mail Medium Box $14. I will get you a tracking number right after payment is received and will get your package scanned into the USPS system within 24 hours of receipt of payment. NOTE: These prices are for Continental US shipping only - if you live outside the continental US, shipping will be more expensive. I am still happy to do it under the same rules as above, but just keep in mind it's going to cost more.
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