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    Since I see @Peter T Davis is selling some things to benefit the site, I'll follow suit.

    We'll do a sealed bid; send me a private message with your bid, and the top bid by midnight Eastern US time on Tuesday, September 1st wins. Shipping is included in the bid (even outside the USA). I'll mail the item to whomever you want, so it could be a gift for someone, or for you, or whatever.

    I will send all proceeds on to Peter as a donation for the site.

    Psst! Don't miss the chance to become a Supporter of the site, too- you get a snazzy green banner under your avatar. Only the cool kids get to wear those! ;)

    (*Supporter status comes with some other small perks, like being allowed to post once per day in the For Sale section instead of once per week. And I think Supporters also get the ability to post images in private messages? Ask @Peter T Davis or @GDJMSP for further details.)

    This lot consists of two US coins.

    Per Numismedia, either of these would have been a $19 coin without the issues. You get both.

    Coin #1- 1870 nickel 3-cent piece, VG details, with rim nick at 12:00. Maybe it's a planchet flaw, but let's assume post-mint damage, just to be safe. I have not examined that area too closely.

    My photos are kind of underexposed, I reckon. Meh. Close enough.



    Coin #2- 1913 Type 1 Buffalo nickel, XF details, with graffito on obverse (a small letter "A" scratched under the Indian's chin). Does your name start with an "A"? Boy, have I got the coin for you! ;)



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