Coins of Mourning - The Death of Saladin

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    The Atyuquids of Mardin produced some remarkable dirhems in the 1100s - 1200s. The coinage spanned many themes, including what many numismatists considered a coin commemorating the death of Saladin in 1193.

    This coin was struck in AH 589, 1193. It depicts three figures in mourning on the obverse. The reverse has a Kufic legend citing the Abbasid caliph al-Nasir; titles of Arslan and date in marginal legend.

    "The figures on the obverse may represent actual citizens in mourning for Saladin. Alternatively, they may be symbolic representations of astronomical/astrological entities which were said to have predicted the death of Saladin, and then mourned him – so exceptionally great was the tragedy of his passing that the stars and planets lamented (see Spengler & Sayles, Type 35 section for more details of this latter theory)."

    12.63 grams
    30 mm, 5 h.

    D-Camera Urtuqids of Mardin, AE Dirhem, Mouring Saladin,  AH 589,  12.63 g, 2, 9-18-20.jpg

    The theme of mourning or loss is a common theme throughout the coinage of the ancient world, quite often associated with a conquest or victory, with the personification of a conquered nation in mourning, as shown on this sestertius of Vespasian, the Judaea Capta sestertius.

    D-Camera Vespasian, Sestertius, Judaea Capta, Palladium purchase, late 90s,  6-1-20.jpg

    What other examples of mourning do you have? Please post if you wish.

    Thank you.
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    Wow, @robinjojo , very COOL COIN!

    I just posted this, but it belongs in your thread.

    AYYUBID Caliphate - Saladin al-Nasir Salah al Din Yusuf AH564-589 1169-1193 CE AR Dirham R
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    Lucius Verus. AD 161-169. AR Denarius (3.42g). Rome mint. Struck AD 165. Obv: L VERVS ΛVG ΛRM PΛRTH MΛX; Laureate head right. Rev: TR P V IMP III COS II; Parthia, draped, wearing breeches to ankles, and peaked cap on head, seated right on ground, hands tied behind back; to right, quiver, bow, and shield. Ref: RIC III 540 (Aurelius); MIR 18, 112-14/30; RSC 273; BMCRE 385.

    The mention of ARM(eniacus) in the Vs. legend refers to Verus' campaigns in Armenia (162-166). He took the title Parthicus maximus in the second half of the year 165.

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    Nice coin!
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    V1120 new copy.jpg
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