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    Hey all!

    I took a few months off of listing coins on my eBay store but last night and tonight I listed 8 coins and will have a handful listed this weekend where I’ll make a new thread for those. just wanted to let you all know if anyone is interested. If there are not reverse pictures the reverse is identical or close to the obverse but I can only add 10 pictures to each post, thank you all and have a great day.

    -1879 IHC.
    -1911 S wheat penny uncirculated details.
    -1851 3 cent piece, uncirculated.
    -1901 P Barber dime, uncirculated details.
    -1928 D wheat penny red BU.
    -1859 IHC.
    -1883 shield nickel RPD, I matched it with RPD coins graded by PCGS.
    -1833 capped busy half dollar.

    There will be about 10 or so more listed this Sunday with details and pictures.

    EDF31C63-5048-45B5-9D03-E4513CAE3979.jpeg 9C857865-820C-4B95-A7D1-5FFE38874D9F.jpeg FBFE342A-DD12-4B08-92DC-F651E5ABB48C.jpeg 50ADF7B0-A208-40FA-985E-FFA5370B55A6.jpeg CFB7C587-2D72-4406-BE4C-A404C62F1047.jpeg 68BDEAAD-4797-4C34-A5DF-F4E89B674A8F.jpeg 1D40726C-F701-4ADE-812F-A6533A6FCEC6.jpeg C1E879A3-A489-4FDB-B506-FE1BCAB8C092.jpeg 1AEE1370-52DC-43A1-B4FE-38FF2EB2F56A.jpeg 0E7237D5-5D44-4675-8F1D-916B917F704B.jpeg

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