Coins I've won from my first online auction

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Mr.MonkeySwag96, May 14, 2024.

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    Earlier this week, I decided to participate in my first online coin auction on Biddr. Before this I’ve purchased most of my coins via retail channels such as Vcoins, dealer websites (Minotaur Coins, Akropolis Coins, Davissons etc), Reddit, eBay, & Facebook groups.

    The Biddr auction I chose to participate in is hosted by Eid Mar Auctions, a newer dealer. Since one of my main focuses are Roman Republic coinage, I placed most of my bids on denarii. The dealer charges 15% buyers premium & free shipping on lots over 200 Euros.

    I won three lots, including a budget denarius of Pompey:


    Sextus Pompey, 42-40 BC. AR denarius (17 mm. 3,3 g.). Uncertain mint in Italy. MAG PIVS IMP ITER, bare head of Pompey Magnus right, capis behind head, lituus before. Banker's countermark IV. Rev. Neptune standing left, foot on prow, holding aplustre, between the Catanaean brothers Anapias and Amphinomus walking in opposite directions and carrying their parents on their shoulders. PRAEF (partly ligate) above, CLAS ET ORAE MARIT EX S C (partly ligate) in two lines in exergue. Crawford 511/3a; CRI 334; BMCRR Sicily 7-10; RBW 1785.


    L Procilius Denarius, 80 BC. AR Denarius (17,3 mm. 3,8 g.). Rome. S C behind laureate head of Jupiter right. Rev. L PROCILI F, Juno Sospita walking right, wielding spear, shield on left arm, coiled serpent at foot right. Crawford 379/1; Sydenham 771; Procilia 1; Sear 306.


    L Rustius, 74 BC. AR Denarius (19 mm. 3,7 g.). Rome. Helmeted head of Mars right. SC behind head, X beneath chin. Rev. Ram standing right, L RVSTI in exergue. Crawford 389/1; Sydenham 782; Rustia 1; Sear 320.
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  3. Homer2

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    Nice selection! I had that Sextus on my watch list, but spent money elsewhere last week, so had to cut back some. I did grab the Celtic imitation of the Postumius Diana/Hound coin from the beginning the auction, and the Fonteia Denarius from that auction. We'll see how they do on delivery, but I'm fairly close, so shipping was negligible. Forgot the 200Euro free shipping bit. May have bid on another one to take me over.
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  4. Ancient Aussie

    Ancient Aussie Well-Known Member

    Great pickups congrats.
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