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    For years I have been building a collection of World Silver coins. Most would be considered bullion or collector coins. However I have been working on a sort of "type" set on Mexico's circulating silver coins. I am far from complete and have identified the ones I need to complete the set. No hurry to add the coins a few at a time. I would like to share my current collection and invite others to show off their collections.

    Beginning with the 1806 8 Reales. This coin circulated in the United States as late as 1857 and could be considered our "first silver dollar".
    Many variations exist for this coin from several mints. This example is Charles III minted in Mexico City.

    1806 Mexico 8 Reales.jpg

    Next the 1910 1 Peso Cabalito. This is one of my favorite coins. This coin was minted from 1910-1914.


    Next up is the 1943 Un Peso. A cap and ray variety minted from 1920-1945.


    Followed by the 1948 5 Peso Cuahtemoc.


    The 1950 5 Peso Railroad was a 1 year only issue with a low mintage of 200,000. Half of that was melted to provide silver for the 1968 Olympic commemorative.

    1950 mexico railroad.jpg

    To be continued.
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    Very nice coins, particularly like the Caballito Peso.
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