Featured Coins found in New England help solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate Henry Every

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    Coins found in New England help solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate: "One of the greatest crimes of the 17th century"

    From CBS News:

    One tarnished silver coin at a time, the ground is yielding new evidence that in the late 1600s, one of the world's most ruthless pirates wandered the American colonies with impunity.

    Newly surfaced documents also strengthen the case that English buccaneer Henry Every - the target of the first worldwide manhunt - hid out in New England before sailing for Ireland and vanishing into the wind.

    CBS News article:

    A Mughal coin of Aurangzeb which could have been part of the pirate's loot:

    Mughal silver rupee of Aurangzeb, Surat mint, AH 1091 (AD 1680)
    Silver, 24 mm, 11.49 gm, Krause KM 300.86

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    The coins turning up in New England are tiny silver khamsiya (1/5 dirham) struck by the Qasimid Imams of Yemen, opposite the Arabian Sea from Mughal india. The khamsiya weigh between 0.45 and 0.65gm each, about 1/20 the weight of an Indian rupee. The dates of the coins found and their known area of circulation make the association with Henry Every possible. The coin below is one actually found in New England by Jim Bailey, dated AH 1105 (AD 1694).


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