Coins dated 1204 A.D.

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    These two coins were minted by Alfonso VIII in Toledo (Toleto) in the
    Es Safar year 1204. The Es Safar calendar was introduced by Augustus
    Caesar in the year 38 B.C. Adjusting for the difference the actual year
    is 1166 A.D. Most pieces are locked up in museums. Only 3-4 of each
    are available to the collecting public. The top coin is hard to photograph
    but it is all there. This thread is an answer to @talerman 's earlier
    question. 1204-1166.jpg 1204-toledo-obol.jpg
    On each coin on the left image: ERA MCCIIII
    On each coin on the right image: TOLETUM
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  3. paddyman98

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    I love word origins. In Spanish we say Dinero.
    Quote - "Dinero is the Spanish word for money, derived from the Arabic dinar, which in turn derived from the Latin denarius." Closed quote
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  4. tibor

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    Just wanted to add that Todd @BluCC Photos created these pics and
    all others that are in my posts that are similar to these. He does an
    excellent job and is very knowledgeable!! I highly recommend Todd.
  5. chrisild

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    ... and that word for money actually refers to the monetary unit "dinero". Many countries used or still use denarius-based currency units so to say. But I don't think there are many where diner(o) also means money. :)

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