WTS: Coins consigned to Stacks Collectors Choice Online end of June

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    A selection of coins/medals that are offered in the upcoming sale at the end of the month.

    Lot 73002 HUNGARY. 1/2 Taler, 1703-KB. Kremnica Mint. Leopold I. NGC MS-65.

    Lot 73338: NEW ZEALAND. Christchurch. Copper Penny Token, ND (1857). PCGS MS-63 Brown.

    Lot 72131: AUSTRIA. Salzburg. Taler, 1623. Paris von Lodron. PCGS MS-63 Gold Shield.

    Lot 72133: AUSTRIA. Salzburg. Medallic 1/2 Taler, 1769. Sigismund III von Schrattenbach. PCGS MS-62.

    Lot 72134: AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS. Taler, 1789. Brussels Mint. Joseph II. PCGS MS-62 Gold Shield.

    Lot 72135: AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS. 1/2 Taler, 1788-A. Vienna Mint. Joseph II. PCGS MS-63 Gold Shield.

    Lot 72427: GERMANY. Hesse-Darmstadt. German Hunting Association Silver Award Medal, 1888. Prince Alexander. CHOICE MINT STATE.

    Lot 72446: GERMANY. Schwarzberg-Rudolstadt. 1/2 Taler, 1791-ICK. Saalfeld Mint. Friedrich Karl. NGC MS-65.

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