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    Mark Twain once referred to "Lies, damned lies, and statistics." And we are sure some will question my analysis of rare coin price performance. British coins can be compared on a broad spectrum of Kings/Queens, denominations, weights and grading. UK grading is done by experienced dealers and in general is not about coins encapsulated in plastic. With hindsight, you can always question the grade of a coin. The question today is whether the British market has enough coins to create an alternative investment market? As collectors we enjoy our hobby. Our intent is not to knock coin collecting – we indulge in it ourselves and enjoy it. As a collector we are not on the investment treadmill.

    What do I consider British Coins can yield as an investment? Firstly they are easily saleable and they are portable, but not in the same way as stock market or bonds. So we now turn to compound interest. Coin collecting, like many enjoyable pastimes in life, is actually going to cost you money. So why do people think that buying rare coins is a form of investing?

    As a collector we do not cost each and every coin in the collection, some rise, some do not. We look at a collection of pleasure and this way we can be pleasantly surprised if over a 20 year period we actually benefit from 10-12% compound appreciation. Yes, some coins we will lose money on, others stay stagnant and others rise to seemingly amazing prices. We should take into account, fashion, eye appeal, quality and rarity.
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    I expect none of an appreciation and would be pleasantly surprised if I receive one, but heck..........I'm just a collector. I'm not in it for the money. This is how I while away my days left to me. The heirs be hanged. Let them do their own research, and if they're smart, they'll follow my instructions.......
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    "Coin collecting is going to cost you money". How true.
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