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    Numismatic Update I

    So one thing that I consistently do is that I read and look up news, auctions and sales information. To help our members here on Cointalk. I thought I would once a week, let you guys know of all major things coins. From news to record prices I will be sharing everything I find, and not just US coins, I will find something that every interest here on CT would want to read. Thanks for checking it out. Feel free to chime in and tell me how good (or bad) it is!

    Disclaimer- I, CoinBlazer, to no extent, are affiliated with any persons, organizations, businesses or corporations within any listings. Any reports of sales or auctions are not solicitations of purchase, sale or trade and are only for education purposes. I am not in any way, supported, paid nor requested for any of these persons, organizations, businesses or corporations to be listed in this thread. CoinBlazer is not responsible for any sale, trade, purchase, or contract derived through the use of these regular updates.


    Joseph Menna Named Chief Engraver of United States Mint

    PCGS Long Beach Expo Recap

    US Coins-

    NGC and NCS Help Paradise, California, Collector Impacted by Devastating Wildfire

    Ebay Listing-1900-O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS 66+ PCGS & CAC Certified Rare Coin US

    World Coins-

    Ebay Listing-1860 Germany Frankfurt Thaler - PCGS AU55

    Ancient Coins-

    Ebay Listing- Ancient Attica Athens 440-404 BC Athena Owl Tetradrachm Silver Coin NGC XF


    CoinWeek: Stack’s Bowers to Offer Three Million+ Dollar Currency Notes in Baltimore






    US Mint
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