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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Coin Pedant, Aug 2, 2019.

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    I am looking into the coins found at the Sutton Hoo burial and found this peculiar one. It is a Merovingian copy of a coin with a byzantine (or visigoth?) monogram, but I have no clue what Emperor it is trying to imitate. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks!!
    (Sutton Hoo coin, image belongs to the British Museum)
    p.s. I know this doesn't technically come under 'ancient coins' but byzantine is still technically roman right??;)

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  3. ancient coin hunter

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    Looks Visigothic to me. (Though I am not knowledgeable in the area). Also, it is fine to post Byzantine coins in the Ancients forum.
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  4. gsimonel

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    To me, the most useful parts of the monogram in identifying it are the cross above and the B below the slanted line. I checked this page - - but didn't see anything with these features.

    As you said, it's a copy, so it's possible that the monogram is just a fantasy.
  5. Coin Pedant

    Coin Pedant Member

    Perhaps you're right there. I had entertained this thought, but my logic was that dark-age copies have an original coin they copied from.
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