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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by JCB1983, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hunt1

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    Pretty sure cops can and have been corrupt...
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  3. medoraman

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    What you really need is an organization seen as reliable. Think about it, if you are a show organizer, who are you going to hire, (and be able to justify hiring if something goes wrong), a cop or some guy off the street? I was only involved since I effectively was an organizer, and others we hired were off duty law enforcement.

    All human beings can be corrupted, and cops do a hard job and should be shown respect. I don't think thread should have anything to do with corrupt cops. :(
  4. coleguy

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    The shows I regularly attend are in Southern Nevada, in casino ballrooms and such. The casino provides security for the all aspects of the show. I would think with your past experience you'd be more than qulaified to apply for a job in security at a casino, but seeing as you live where you do that may not be possible. My cousin worked security and moved up to a pretty high position in survelence at a casino. He makes about twice the income a police officer in a major city would make, with far better benefits. It may be worth looking into.
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    What part of stick to the original topic do you guys not understand??? The topic is not good cop/Bad cop! Yes, this is me yelling!
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