Coin show pick ups today

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Jay GT4, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Jay GT4

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  3. Ryro

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    WoWiE! You aren't kidding about that being a nice strike:snaphappy:
    I think the bend, rebend theory of @TIF to be spot on to the appearance of the wear on the coin (wish I was smart enough to formulate that hypothesis. Though, I thought it to look a very strange test cut). And it adds to the allure of the coin.
    Mine is very worn, but with a fun bankers mark (its an R. Obviously for Ryro):
    CollageMaker Plus_20184618227104.png
    Julius Casaer
  4. randygeki

    randygeki Coin Collector

  5. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    Nice coin show nabs, Jay. I have yet to join the Caesar Elephant club, but would be more than happy to with a sharp and in other ways interesting example like yours.

    Your Tarentum didrachm/stater with Y on the obv and Λ on the rev is Vlasto 384:


    You're right about these often being sold not checked against the reference. That was the case for my latest one, which was misattributed despite an obvious die clash on the obverse that matched the example in Vlasto.

    Tarentum - Nomos Die Clash.jpg
    CALABRIA, Tarentum
    AR Stater. 7.64g, 21.7mm. CALABRIA, Tarentum, circa 380-340 BC. Vlasto 445 (same obv die). O: Nude helmeted warrior on horseback to left, holding reins in right hand, and shield and spear in left; Δ below horse. R: Taras seated astride dolphin to left, holding trident over shoulder; K and waves below, TAPAΣ to right.
    Noted in Vlasto for this obverse die: "the obv. die must have struck the rev. die without blank and thus got damaged."
  6. Multatuli

    Multatuli Homo numismaticus Supporter

    The impression that this denarius gives me is that it has been hit by some agricultural tool, such as the ones used to plow the field. It would be interesting to find out if this coin was found in some field or place of agriculture, by detectorism. I have seen this with some findings made in fields. Often coins come to the surface precisely with the work done to cultivate the land by farmers and not infrequently, some coins are struck by a shovel or plow.
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  7. NLL

    NLL Well-Known Member

    I love the Tarentum didrachm @Jay GT4 . I also recently acquired one for what I think was a sweet deal. If you don't mind me asking how much was the coin?
  8. Jay GT4

    Jay GT4 Well-Known Member

    Thanks @zumbly that's what I was after!

    @NLL it was cheap and not just because it was in Canadian dollars :)
  9. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    Great coins Jay. You can never go wrong with a Caesar. I'll be seeing the pumpkins on the 9th... such a shame it's on a Sunday. Did they play mayonaise?
  10. Jay GT4

    Jay GT4 Well-Known Member

    I forgot to say, amazing coin @zumbly

    @Ajax yes they did! I can't put into words how great they sounded.
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