Coin Show in Santa Clara This Weekend

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Ken Dorney, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Ken Dorney

    Ken Dorney Yea, I'm Cool That Way...

    Anyone in the west planning to attend the coin show this weekend in Santa Clara California? I’ll have a table there, as will other ancients dealers (Lou Balesteri of Classical Ancient Coins, Dave Showers, Mike Fuertes of Iberian International, Glenn Schinke, Glenn Lindwall of Musa Numismatic Art, London Coin Gallery and a number of others I am sure I’m forgetting). Its one of the largest shows in the west and worth attending.

    Please post if you are going to attend. If there will be some CT members I will try to bring a few trays from my collection to show off and maybe we can ‘geek out’ over our cool hobby!

    CoinExpo Santa Clara
    Santa Clara Convention Center
    5001 Great America Parkway
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Friday 13th, 10 - 6
    Saturday 14th, 10 - 5
    Sunday 10 - 4

    Print this coupon for discounted entry:
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  3. Paul M.

    Paul M. Well-Known Member

    Hard to say if I’ll be there. I’d like to go, but I don’t have a lot of buying capacity right this second. :/

    Speaking of dealers, has anyone seen Richard Pearlman recently? I like him: he’s always good for a chat, and almost always has at least a couple coins I like. Haven’t seen him in at least a year or so, though. :/
  4. Carthago

    Carthago Does this look infected to you?

    Ken, how does this show stack up with ancient dealer attendance vs the San Francisco show in December? I usually attend San Fran and plan to again this year.
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  5. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Cogito Ergo Sum

    Unfortunately I can't make it this weekend. Would like to attend in the future though. I'm only about 30 miles away.
  6. Ken Dorney

    Ken Dorney Yea, I'm Cool That Way...

    It doesnt compare to San Francisco at all. SF will have many more dealers and coins. Santa Clara though has dealers that dont do SF (I havent had a table there in 20 years).
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  7. Orielensis

    Orielensis Well-Known Member

    This thread deserves a bump. I went to the show today and definitely didn't regret it: although most of the dealers do, of course, US coins, there are enough ancient stalls to spend two or three pleasant hours looking at some wonderful material and talk coins. If you're in the area and don't have any weekend plans yet, you should consider going!

    I brought home five coins and a book, and am most happy my purchases:


    The Faustina I sestertius came from @Ken Dorney, who brought a great tableau of Greek and Roman coins for sale as well as parts of his very impressive private collection. I had been searching for a Faustina I to accompany my Faustina II sestertius for a while. In Ken's pick box, I found the Amisos AE, which actually has pretty impressive facial detail on the Aegis and Nike, and deserves better pictures in the future. Ken gave me a great deal on the two coins, and also threw in the Chinese cash coin. This one will be a challenge to attribute. Western Han dynasty, I have heard? It was a true pleasure meeting you, Ken – thanks also for letting me look at your collection.

    The 1/16 Taler on the upper left will not find many fans in this forum. Yet, my medieval interest occasionally branches out into the early modern period. In addition, this coin was minted in the region I am originally from. I probably overpaid a little, but this coin also is not too common in attractive condition. The dealer I bought it from had a fine selection of medieval and early modern coins – a field that was unfortunately otherwise mostly missing at this show.

    The Gordian III antoninian was a spontaneous buy from an ancients dealer I hadn't bought from befoer. I generally like Hercules reverses, and this one spoke to me. The coin has pretty much all face, beard and club detail on Hercules left, and it came at what I consider a fair price.

    On a more general note, though I very much enjoy going to coin shows, I tend to be slightly annoyed by the habit of some dealers to extremely overprice ancient coins on their price tags. It seems only fair if a dealer states an initial price that allows him to go down 10–20% for good customers. Yet, pricing a coin at four times what the dealer can reasonably expect to get feels to me like someone is trying to diddle buyers who simply don't know better. Am I the only one who is bothered by this?
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  8. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    That is why I stopped going to Long Beach. Even "pick bins".
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  9. Paul M.

    Paul M. Well-Known Member

    Long Beach is very, very US centric. Even for modern coins, there is a rather limited selection of non-US dealers.
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  10. Ken Dorney

    Ken Dorney Yea, I'm Cool That Way...

    Yea. It happens. And by some guys I have known as friends. But there are also those guys who have coins priced double average and still won’t give a discount. It’s just one of those things one encounters. I try hard to price at average or below if I can but I am sure some still feel i am too high.
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  11. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    I can say that Ebay has spoiled me. I have gotten many coins that would be $100 to even $300+ on VC or even a coin show seller, for much less. I have no regrets and will continue to buy from it.

    But I do have several dealers I buy from online and always watch for their new listings.

    This October is when Ebay is supposed to start collecting taxes for us buyers in California. I have a feeling that is gonna curb my buying from ebay a bit.
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  12. Orielensis

    Orielensis Well-Known Member

    Just to be clear: my comment was certainly not referring to you, Ken. I saw nothing at your table I wouldn't feel comfortable considering and discussing if I really wanted the coin and had the budget.

    If I go to a coin show, I expect things to be a little bit more expensive than in a private sale, on ebay or at some less prominent auctions. This is just fair – coin dealers have exhibition costs to cover and need to make a living, too. Additionally, having a coin in hand before making a purchase decision is in many cases worth a small upcharge when compared to buying online. What I find bothersome, on the other hand, are fantasy price tags that give me the impression that someone is trying to check whether I'm fully starry-eyed.

    Also, it's somewhat understandable that some of your colleagues like to haggle and hence set their initial prices a bit high. But there is a limit where they simply loose me as a potential buyer. I'd feel shabby asking anyone for a discount above an absolute maximum of, let's say, 25%. Thus, if a dealer's common type Severan denarii in fairly attractive yet not exactly exquisite condition are priced at $120 and upwards, I'll not even signal interest. Instead, I'll politely say "thank you" and walk away... Most larger dealers probably won't consider this a great loss, though.
  13. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Cogito Ergo Sum

    Yeah, I agree that dealers have to make a living, hence having higher prices is understandable compared to Ebay. There already is enough downward pressure on prices from all of the online outlets, compared to say, the 80's, and I overpaid for several coins back in that time frame when I was a kid.
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