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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by model77, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. tudrfl5

    tudrfl5 New Member

    I have another question...I am confused about Roosevelt dimes. They have been minted since 1948? Which ones do I look for? I am new to this...thank you for your help!
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  3. ReaperRuler

    ReaperRuler Resident Numismatist

    Roosevelt dimes have been minted since 1946. They were silver from 1946 to 1964. From 1965-present, dimes are copper-nickel clad. Silver, as far as i know, is what people tend to roll search for. 2009 dimes are also worth keeping.
  4. tudrfl5

    tudrfl5 New Member

  5. ReaperRuler

    ReaperRuler Resident Numismatist

    Low mintages. Thats all that I know of
  6. Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney Well-Known Member

    Yeah with Roosies, I just keep the silver. I don't have the patience to do more than edge check dimes. People do save the (comparatively) low mintage 2009s, and it's not a bad idea to keep an eye out for the W mintmark dime, 1995(?) I think. That is, if you're doing more than edge checking.
  7. Atreides

    Atreides New Member

    Yeah this, I feel like with edge checking you can find all silver. I periodically check the thicker/shinier ones for Proofs. I have a suspicion that I've missed one or two roosies by edge checking, but eh. I guess you could keep a lookout for 1996Ws, but the chances of finding one in circulation are really slim IMO

    Clad roosevelt dimes are just plain boring. Only 2009 had lower mintages, and those don't carry a numismatic premium. I guess I would date/mm check dimes if I was putting together a clad Roosevelt album, but I see absolutely no point in putting one together in the first place, lol. They've switched up the designs on all the other coinage, they really should make some sort of circulating commemorative dime to pique interest in the coin.
  8. tudrfl5

    tudrfl5 New Member

    So, I am noticing that some people are finding proof coins in coin there somewhere that you would recommend reading to learn how to discern if a coin is proof quality?
  9. clorox

    clorox Member

    If you find a coin that you want to protect but don't have a flip case (or similar), a flat coin wrapper works as a short-term solution.

    A large-size dollar coin fits nicely in a small dollar wrapper, a half dollar fits nicely in a nickel wrapper, and all other coins will fit inside a dime wrapper.
  10. admrose

    admrose Member

    Keep your eyes open for 1982 Roosies without a mintmark; nobody knows how many are out there and they're valuable.
  11. Glide446

    Glide446 New Member

    So being new to this, I have a question: I searched 20.00 in pennies ( 15 wheats ). Also searched 20.00 in nickels. I found 28 nickels from 1938 to 1966. ( no war nickels)....Question is, can I put a roll together from 38 to say, 64 and sell then that way?
  12. Pi man

    Pi man Well-Known Member

    Most of us put together rolls of pre-1960 nickels, but yes, you can do whatever you want. If I were you, and you wanted to sell the most you can, sell pre-1964, NOT including the 64's. There were billions made of each mint mark in that year.
  13. Glide446

    Glide446 New Member

  14. Pi man

    Pi man Well-Known Member

    We're here to help! ;)
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  15. removed

    removed New Member

    great thread. answered so many questions. thanks!
  16. mcwoodru

    mcwoodru New Member

    Great thread, learned a good bit from this!
  17. superc

    superc Active Member

    I differ on the definition of coin roll hunting. I would describe it as any time you decide to break open a coin roll, regardless of how you acquired it, and, regardless of the price you paid, just to see what is in the roll.
  18. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky

    do the 40% kennedy half have all silver on the edge or do they have a clad edge ? PM the answer thanks.
  19. gunnovice09

    gunnovice09 Nothing

    ok....same definition most have for it.
  20. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    And for those of you who do more than search for silver in those dime rolls, keep in mind there's a good deal of varieties in the Roosevelt series. Many doubled dies and transitional reverses get overlooked often in the series.
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  21. FmrFiatFollower

    FmrFiatFollower Note-orious & Numismatic

    "Do deliver companies like Brinks, pull the silver out of circulation with their sorting machines?
    If they did none of us would be finding any! So far it does not seem as if the value of silver has been attractive enough for them to make those costly alterations to their machines."

    I have it on good authority, from a Loomis Fargo sorter who lives in the Spokane/CD'A banking region that they began sorting for silvers 2 years ago. All denomintions but dimes and nickels.

    I have sorted $10,000 fv worth at a time and have had no luck in the Spokane area on multiple occasions.

    Not like when I first started sorting coins when I would pass through the area...I used to score big in Spokane. My best boxes netted over 50 ounces of halves. The average was 3 coins per roll. Those days are long gone.
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