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    I have a few coin photography systems available at reduced prices. These systems are all based on microscope stand (small copy stand with focusing capability), bellows (for adjusting magnification for different coin sizes), and macro lens. Each of these systems is intended for full-coin imaging, though they can all zoom-in much closer for variety detail imaging.

    The pricing below does not include a camera, but I can add a Canon DSLR, with Live View on your PC monitor, for additional $150. Or you can use your own Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, or any other camera brand you desire. I can provide the adapters for any camera brand or model. I can also provide an upgraded camera (I highly recommend the Canon T7).

    The example systems on my website may have accessories (like microscope objectives, XY stages, fine focus blocks, diffusers, etc) that were customized for a particular client so are not included with these sale systems, so please view the example systems with that in mind.

    System-1: http://www.macrocoins.com/example-system-1.html
    --- Regular price $450 --- Sale Price $375

    System-2: http://www.macrocoins.com/example-system-2.html
    --- Regular price $400 --- Sale Price $340

    System-3: http://www.macrocoins.com/example-system-3.html
    --- Regular price $350 --- Sale Price $300

    System-7: http://www.macrocoins.com/example-system-7.html
    --- Regular price $325 --- Sale Price $285

    I can offer many options as well, such as upgraded full-coin lenses, lighting sources, diffusers, reversible true gray / photo velvet transfer disks, high magnification lenses and fine focus blocks for varieties, etc.
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