Coin of the day #7.

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by ldhair, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I'm going to try to post one coin each day about something fun. Feel free to add to the thread with something related.

    Most of the die cracks we see anymore are rather small. I wish the mint would allow cracked dies to be used a bit longer. That would create some fun coins.

    Cracks can be good or bad as far as value goes. Some folks love them and others don't care to own them. I grew up collecting strange stuff like cracks, clashes, overdates and more. Sometimes the dealer would discount the coin because they didn't have a market for it or just thought of it as damage. Please post your cracked die coins.

    Click on the image for a giant view.
    Image_0154.jpg Image_0155.jpg
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    Interesting die issues. Very nice coin!
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    If I recall correctly, there was actually one more crack that formed off of the crack near the date before they took the die out of service, but there are only a couple known examples. You'll note the weakness on the reverse is caused by the sunken obverse die, but there is also a die crack on the reverse through STATES.
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  10. NSP

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    Here’s my 1818 B-6 quarter. There are four cracks on the reverse; this is one of the more destroyed reverse dies for the series. (The fourth crack is between the E and R in AMERICA.)

  11. C-B-D

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    This one is known more for the clash than the crack. The "arrowhead" late die state Browning 9.
    s-l1600 (5).jpg
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