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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by russell1256, Feb 26, 2024.

  1. russell1256

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    I think one of the reasons I love to collect is I also love U.S. history. I enjoy to read about the history of U.S. coins. Lots of coin shows have a pile of free editions of old coin magazines. Just finished reading a Coin World article about how the Early Commemorative program was shutdown. Does anyone have any links to coin history articles?
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  3. Joel Turner

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    Coin World did a series (by decade) on coins, the US Mint, and how they were related. This was some years ago, I still have the paper copies. I know Coin Age has also done several series over the years. That said, I don't know where links or electronic versions of these articles are. Possibly JSTOR? If anyone knows I would be interested also...
  4. Dima

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    I highly recommend 'A Guide Book of United States Commemorative Coins' by Q. David Bowers. Check if your local library has a copy; definitely well worth the read.

    In terms of history, 'A Guide Book of The United States Mint' from the same series is excellent! Explores the physical mint locations, the politics of the day, the expansion/construction/renovations, etc.



    I know this is a bit different than what you'd asked (articles vs. books), however, given how great these are, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to recommend them.
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  5. Jersey magic man

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    Try the Newman Numismatic Portal (

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    You can find a whole lot about almost anything here -

    It's better known as the Wayback Machine - 866 billion web pages saved ! Simply put it's an internet archive.
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