Coin Designing software?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by tlasch, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. tlasch

    tlasch The Penny Man

    What is the most user friendly software for designing novelty coins and bank notes?
    Then how do you create a die map
    From the die map, any websites that can laser engrave a die or a plate for novelty notes?

    Just wondering
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  3. mmarotta

    mmarotta Perpetual Newbie

    Daniel Carr designed at least two of the 50 State Quarters: Rhode Island and Maine, for sure. His resume is on his website.

    He is an industrial designer and mechanical engineer. Wanting to submit coin designs for the 50 State Quarter program, he wrote his own CAD package for this kind of work.

    CAD/CAM integrated software already exists. In fact, because of it, Portugal issued a coin with the name of the country misspelled. The design went from the screen to the mill and the dies were chucked into the presses. No one noticed until they looked at the output from the presses.
  4. tlasch

    tlasch The Penny Man

    I have seen carr's work before, simply amazing! I will search for CAD/CAM software how do you make a 2d image 3d for engraving?
  5. SoaringEagle

    SoaringEagle New Member

    The software is linked on the site above that mmarotta posted, IIRC.
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