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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by bruthajoe, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. bruthajoe

    bruthajoe Recovering

    I apologize to the moderators in advance, but I have found my persistance gets me answers quickly. Is it allowed to discuss coin dealers and personal experiences with "brick and mortar" storefronts?
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  3. ToughCOINS

    ToughCOINS Dealer Member Moderator

    I don't think it's an issue if you don't identify them.
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  4. bruthajoe

    bruthajoe Recovering

    ok well that defeats the point, thanks.
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  5. ToughCOINS

    ToughCOINS Dealer Member Moderator

    Does it?

    You don’t need to name dealers to recount the events that took place for the benefit of others. There may be a number of readers who would find themselves in similar circumstances, and extract themselves from a losing situation before it’s too late.
  6. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Insert 'dealers' instead of Americanos.......and Mike ain't included with the bunch........

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator


    Actually it's not an issue even if he does identify them. At least it's not when it comes to the forum rules.

    For example, if a member wishes to discuss a dealer, or recommend a dealer to others, or even warn others about a dealer, and identify them, and post links to the dealer's website - that member may do so if he wants to. There is no rule against doing that. As a matter of fact, I even recommend and always have that forum members do that - for what better way is there to find out about a good dealer than from another collector.

    The one thing I caution members about is this. If you have negative reports about a specific dealer that you wish to share with the forum, the forum rules allow you to do that, as long as you do so in a civil and respectful manner. No name calling or anything even remotely like that in other words. However, you must realize that you, not CT, are personally and legally responsible for anything you say. In other words, if that dealer wishes to sue you personally for what you say - he can do so, and do so legally. And of course if the dealer in question wishes to respond to your comments, tell his side of the story here on the forum, he's allowed to do that as well.
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  8. Clawcoins

    Clawcoins Well-Known Member

    Mike is a "favorite" dealer for many for all the wrong reasons .... as many do not agree to how he earns a living in relation to coins and tv selling propaganda.
  9. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    In my opinion, it's not really smart to go after a dealer on a forum. It never seems to turn out very well. Why risk the need to hire a lawyer?
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  10. GoldFinger1969

    GoldFinger1969 Well-Known Member

    Probably true, but if someone was treated badly egregiously or were scammed, I don't believe they have a problem from a legal perspective.

    OTOH, making a bad (investment) decision or having a coin not turn out as lucratively as you want doesn't give you the right to trash the dealer, either.

    If a dealer charges a 10% premium/discount for selling/buying gold bullion coins, that's criticism-worthy though I wouldn't trash someone and call them a thief, dishonest, etc. Markups are markups. Everyone has different cost structures.

    I think most dealers are honest -- or I would expect that to be the case -- because reputations travel fast even without the CF Message Forums and if someone wasn't treating their customers fairly, word would spread.
  11. halfcent1793

    halfcent1793 Well-Known Member

    Once at a Baltimore show I asked a coin dealer friend what percentage of the dealers on the floor he thought were honest. He looked around for a few seconds and said "95% of the guys in here will bury you up to your neck in a coin and then steal your shovel."
  12. VibeEazy345

    VibeEazy345 New Member

    Hi you guys,
    Sorry to intrude on this post. But I am lost. I am kind of stuck and lost here. I am new here to this site. don't know my way around or how to operate it properly. "Question", hopefully someone can help me. "I", have a 1977 Dime. Now they say for its imperfections to make it rare the 'Letter D" was filled in to due the machinery breaking during the making of the currency which lead the machine to "Fill in the letter D". Well see, mine has all the same imperfections "Except", above the "1977", where the filled in "D", is supposed to be. There isn't a engraved mark of any kind, or any signs leading to the filled in "Letter D". The dime is totally missing this marking. I will be happy to upload a couple pics upon me figuring this site out, also being informed if it even worth my time. Thank you again!
  13. GoldFinger1969

    GoldFinger1969 Well-Known Member

    You sure need to ask that question in a thread focused on modern dimes or create a thread to that effect.
  14. VibeEazy345

    VibeEazy345 New Member

    Sorry for that once again. 1 favor maybe! Can you please give me a few quick steps on how to do all of that. Like Crete a new thread, and maybe upload pics? I'd greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks again!
  15. Clawcoins

    Clawcoins Well-Known Member

    go to this forum section

    click on the "POST NEW THREAD" shown here in the right as the BLUE Button.
    then just go through it.

    use the button "UPLOAD A FILE" to upload JPG pictures of the coin front and back.

    then after it gets uploaded click the "FULL IMAGE" button so the pictures show up in the thread box
  16. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Hammer at the Ready Moderator

    We also have the dealer directory which allows reviews to be posted. Personally, I love seeing the positive reviews more, but as long as the review is well written and factual and avoids name calling, this is the type of sharing of information that we’re here for.
  17. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I must be fortunate. I frequent two local dealers. And while they are worlds apart in their store fronts, inventory and methods, they are both quite honorable in their dealings. In years past I have walked into dealers shops that I immediately knew weren’t the sort of folks I wanted to trade with. It’s like when you walk into a bar and the second you enter, you know the loud electronic music, dreadlocks and laser lights weren’t meant for my generation..... Whole point being, trust your instincts. I can walk the floor of a big show and pass the tables that I know aren’t my cup of tea with a two second glance. It really isn’t that hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Just pay attention to the signals being sent.
  18. LA_Geezer

    LA_Geezer Well-Known Member

    This has been addressed in later posts, but there's no way to delete this one.
  19. wxcoin

    wxcoin Getting no respect for 64 years

    I had a bad experience with a coin dealer in the early 90's in Rapid City, SD. I needed some money for a home improvement project and decided to sell my coin collection. It was a pretty lame collection that didn't contain any rare or key coins. It was mainly some silver and copper.

    I could tell right away that the dealer thought I was wasting his time. He gave the collection a quick glance and made me an offer that was less than face value. I felt insulted at the time. He could have told me that he wasn't interested instead of being so rude.

    Now that I'm older, wiser, and bald, I have more resources to buy better coins. I've found an excellent local coin dealer in Schofield WI that is the polar opposite of the SD dealer. I'd recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling coins and collectables.
  20. bruthajoe

    bruthajoe Recovering

    Thanks, now that makes cents! :cat:
  21. Since someone brought up coin dealers first, I will give my most recent experience and disgust of them. The recent release of the 2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle - Limited to 30,000 minted. Well, the dealers, liars and thieves came out of the woodwork to purchase and resell despite the fact this was created for the coin collector, not dealers, liars or thieves to make money from. The same day of the sale, many people online were already reselling this coin for $800 and more. lately, they are listed for over $1600 and more (real sad). This is not what this coin was for and this is why dealers and non-collectors are disdained & despised by coin collectors as they don't care about the coin and have NO honor or ethics. This has soured me from the Mint for a bit yet, I blame them for not being smart to the corruption and thieving attitudes from non-collectors. These dealers, liars and thieves are the worst and prove that money is the root of ALL evil. I sincerely hope that every person that purchased one ONLY to resell, has a tragedy in their family from bad karma as they deserve this. Maybe in the future, they will realize money is not that important and deceitfulness will come back to you, full force.
    So, I request no one purchase these coins from ANY of these dealers, liars or thieves and eliminate the demand they profit from. I am so sorry for ALL coin collectors that were harmed from this too. Real sad time for us.
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