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    Good evening, everyone!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up for a couple auctions this weekend, plus to remind you about my two eBay Store sales (10% off all BIN/BO listings plus FREE shipping; additional 10% off all graded Type B Washington Quarters.)

    1) AuctionZip Coin/Currency/Collectibles Auction on April 29

    I have TONS of world coins in this auction, all with low starting bids. Selling bulk by the pound, better 2x2 coins by the page, silver in group and individual lots. The auctioneer usually puts in plenty of cheap US Proof/Mint Sets, bullion, junk silver, and gold. I also have a couple really nice coins in this auction starting at $1 bids - here are some of the best:

    1939 DDR "Doubled Monticello" Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66


    1964 Washington Quarter NGC MS66+ TONED


    1967 SMS Kennedy Half QDR NGC PF66UCAM
    (Quadrupled Die Obverse, only UCAM at NGC - only one DCAM at PCGS, so this is a special coin)​


    1953 Proof Franklin Half Dollar
    (plus the rest of a 1953 Proof Set minus the nickel)​


    1956 Proof Washington Quarter Reverse Die Gouge


    2) eBay Auctions ending Monday, April 30

    *Love Tokens
    *World Coins
    *Toned Ikes

    Here are some photos:

    Brazil - 1882 100 Reis.jpg

    South Korea - 1968 5 Won.jpg

    1971 Ike Dollar.jpg

    1890 Seated Liberty Dime Love Token
    (NOTE: Thanks to @Paddy54 for pointing out that this dime is a misplaced date (MPD-105) with the top of the 8 peeking out from behind the right of the scroll by the Y in LIBERTY.)​

    1890 Seated Liberty Dime Love Token MPD-105.jpg

    1974 D Ike Dollar.jpg
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