Coin Collecting, Patience, and Frustration

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Kevinfred, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. superzimm

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    Hi folks,
    First time poster on here......
    I actually prefer to buy raw coins. If you can adequately grade, it's a much better deal. But you have to have good pics online to do it.
    Talking about the coins you're looking for.......I saw a 1924-S $ (raw) a dealer had at a show and he had it graded XF for $40. It looked great to me and I knew it was far under graded. I bought it and sent it in to PCGS. Got it back as a MS-62. Not bad!
    And I too look for certain coins online all the time. And the ones I see over and over and over get the picture, are usually dogs that no one wants.
    Good luck in your search and enjoy the hunt!
    ~~~~ Brent
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  3. Kevinfred

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    Brent was the coin show coin heavily toned? Doesn't sound like that dealer will be a dealer for long if (at least) something wasn't 'hiding' its true grade! Gosh though, what a cool thing to happen... Wish I lived in one of the larger cities where I could frequent shows often - that'd be a blast! As it is, Chicago is 3 hours away and the 'burbs are further yet (where the shows typically are)
  4. superzimm

    superzimm Well versed collector

    The coin was not toned at all, as few Peace dollars are. But we all tend to specialize in certain coins, and although he is a long time dealer, he sure got that grade wrong, and I knew it.
    This was at a small show that our coin club hosts in a town of 80,000. If you're not, I encourage you and everyone to join a coin club, and try getting to local shows. It's a great way to meet other like minded folks.
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