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    Let's see here. There are four books available with there being 22 items in all.

    The auction catalogs, dating to 1980 and 1996, have a lot of high quality pictures in them. I doubt these kinds of catalogs are even printed anymore due to the advent of the internet. The "Numismatist" magazine is historically interesting in that it came out in August 2001 and covers auctions that were going to be held in NYC on September 11th-13th. These auctions were surely canceled.

    Anyway, the items date from 1980 to about 2001 and cover ancient to modern coins. The Whitman album is for quarters dating from 1999-2001. Please see pictures.

    All items are free- you just pay shipping (unless you're close enough to do local pickup). Items can be acquired individually or they can be sent out as one lot.

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