Chinese wedding bridal bracelet.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by desertgem, May 25, 2022.

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    The local coin dealer asked me come down and look at a gold bracelet. I have helped him several times in this area near the border as many Chinese workers were brought over to help build the roads and canal systems on both sides. Many started their own businesses as the single store on a county road with alcohol and smokes, or marvelous Chinese restaurants in the small local towns then ( early 1910s). US gold coins were often used for display of desire, capabilities of wealth, etc. This is a 68gr gold bracelet with 6 almost perfect US $5 gold pieces , 1905-1907, a few dings on 2 , but all looked BU ( which is normal for wedding bracelets)..............except they were held spaced by short dangling links and unfortunately compression closed gold bezels. Looking carefully I could see the damage just around that area. He said he gave approx. $4000 for it. He is an old slippery guy, so I didn't ask "How much for me?" I let him simmer. He always loves a contest with me :) Jim
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    I'll have "my guy" come in and look at it...
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    I am thinking of a person removing the coins and use them one the top of gold men's rings. They would be costly , but there is a demand with all the rich farmers around here. When my family members first came here, there was no fence between the US part of the town and the Mexico (south) side . The main street was the dividing mark. My mother said she walked across the road every day to purchase food and the Mexican citizens came over to buy clothing , baby supplies and medicine. All was "hunky dorry" until the Mexican revoution and Mexico moved a gatling gun (rotating handle type) to stop the friendly mingling. they never used it and turned it away on Sat.nights to party on bothsides, singing , dancing , in the streets :) or so mom said.
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